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 “ Manny has passion, when you combine that with his multiple talents you have a perfect storm of creativity.  Who benefits…you.


- Rich Redmond , Drummer for Jason Aldean

I have worked with many photographers over the years.  Working with Manny Cabo absolutely blew my mind!  He finds ways of looking through the lens that is abstract, yet you'll's results that are beyond your wildest dreams! I've never seen a bad photograph from Manny.  If anything, it's always 10 times better than you ever hoped!  When I am asked for a professional #editorialphotographer he is my very first referral.


- Dave Browning, Producer / Engineer Katy Perry, CeCe Winans, NFL

He's simply one of the most skilled, well rounded, grounded and humble artist I've ever had the pleasure of working with and proud to call him a true friend.


- Earl Cohen, Producer / Engineer / 3 Time Grammy Award Winner


 Manny never disappoints and damn it's always such a fun shoot.  I always have an image in my head of what I want and he always surpasses what I expect. Manny will continue to be my go to #musicphotographer!


- James Dupre, The Voice Season 9 / Top 40 Country Artist

“Manny Cabo isn’t just a talented vocalist and a skilled photographer—he’s a true artist, equally dedicated to his community as he is his craft.“

- The Aquarian Weekly


“ Manny has the incredible ability to make you feel like a rockstar whether he is photographing you, writing a song with you or performing on stage in front of you.  Manny is an A list talent and brings anyone he works with up to that level as well.

- Craig Wilson, Producer, Engineer 

"To put it simply, an artist like Manny Cabo doesn't come along every day. Not only is he a skilled singer with a clear vision on who he is as artist, he has an infectious energy that generates a positive effect into everything he does, and more importantly, everyone around him. I've had the honor of working with Manny behind the scenes, in between studio and stage performances, and it's always exciting to witness his dedication and work ethic towards his craft. The result of his hard work is more than obvious when seeing the reaction of his audience time after time. Thank you Manny for continuing to inspire me to become a better teacher and to make a positive difference in the lives of those around me as well."

- Richard Fink IV, Throga Records, Founder of Throga, 2x World Record Holder

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